6th - 8th September 2021

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About The Conference

Virtual Conference On Transformers Technology And Developments

The Current crisis, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has disrupted the business significantly all across the world. With the pandemic continuing to grow, leading to extended lockdowns, the businesses have witnessed massive disruptions.

In this scenario, Companies are forced to rethink their business strategies and communicate with their employees and customers. While work from home is the new normal, virtual events/conferences are gaining importance and massive traction.

In this endeavor, IEEMA Power Transformer Division has launched an e-TRAFOTECH 2020, the first of its kind of Virtual Conference on TRANSFORMER Technology and Developments, in the country.

Power Transformer Division of IEEMA Conducts TRAFOTECH International Conferences every four years, which discusses the state-of-art of design, latest developments, trends in material, best practices in manufacturing and testing, diagnostics and condition monitoring techniques, etc. In sequence, IEEMA Organises TRAFOTECH Workshops every two years which are conducted in between, with user-centric objectives where topics on areas of proper specification and procurement, design reviews, site maintenance, condition monitoring and diagnostics, condition assessment, refurbishment, residual life assessment, and life extension are deliberated, and case-studies presented.

The Theme: "Transformers-Today and Tomorrow"
Transformers have been relentlessly serving humanity over 135 years of existence and have always met the challenges of times.

Today's transformers adequately address: increased voltage and power ratings, energy efficiency, optimised designs with reduced consumption of materials, reliability of operation and environmental concerns of biodegradability of materials, noise pollution, safety etc.

Tomorrow's transformers are gearing up to meet emerging scenario in the 21st Century: renewable sources of power generation -wind & solar (onshore/offshore), distributed generation and seamless integration with existing Grids, sustainability and quality of power for smart cities, digitalisation etc. The quality, reliability and availability of such a vital asset would play an important role in ambitious goal of uninterrupted (24x7) power to all and can contribute in control of power flow in power system along with HVDC system. The key takeback from this online conference is that it provides one stop information on all aspects of transformers.

e-Trafotech 2020 aims to take stock of the past, present and emerging technologies in the Realm of Transformers.

Conference Schedule

e-TRAFOTECH Program schedule (5th to 7th November 2020) _1630 Hrs. to 20.00Hrs. (Indian Standard Time)

Day 1: Thursday, 5th November 2020
Technical Session-I: Standard specifications and emerging trends

Keynote- CEA standard specification of EHV transformer & Shunt reactor

"Mr. S.K Ray Mohapatra,
Chief Engineer - PSETD Division Central Electricity Authority Ministry of Power, Govt. of India"

Specification enhancements and alignment with standards.

Mr. Shashank Kulkarni,
Team Leader – Electrical Design Siemens Ltd.

Latest trends in Transformer design & Manufacturing.

Mr. Vikrant Joshi,
PTR Scientific Leader GE T&D India Limited

Effective procurement process of EHV transformer & Shunt reactors

Mr. S.K.Gupta,
AGM BHEL, Jhansi

Emerging Technology of Bushings

Mr. Lars Liden,
Product Marketing Specialist
Bushings and tap-changers
Hitachi ABB Power Grids Sweden

Session Moderator

"Mr. Tarun Garg,
Hitachi ABB"

Day 2: Friday, 6th November 2020
Technical Session-II: Reliability of OLTC/Bushings and digitization

Keynote- OLTC selections, failure modes, causes and prevention.

"Mr. Shrikant B. Potnis,
Chief Executive Officer
Easun MR Tap Changers Pvt. Ltd.

Selection & application of Bushings, tap changers, accessories

"Mr. A.S. Jhala ,

Role of Digital system for transformer application- Utilities perspective

"Mr. P.K.Patnaik,
Dy. General Manager ( Electrical) Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Ltd."

Digitalization & Emerging Online monitoring devices

Mr. Thomas Buijs,
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

State of art testing at factory (including remote FAT) for dielectrics, losses, thermal & emissions

"Mr. Rakesh Patil,
Chief Manager – Quality Management Siemens Ltd."

Session Moderator

"Mr. Vikrant Joshi,
GE(T&D) India

Day 3: Saturday, 7th November 2020
Technical Session-III: Best practices in site management

Keynote- Theory of Partial discharge, methods for low PD by design, material and manufacturing processes in oil filled transformer and reactors, with latest trends in monitoring and diagnostics

"Mr. Stephen Heberer,
Vice President System Altanova Group"

Best practices in storage, transportation, site erection and commissioning

"Mr. Adish Kumar Gupta ,
Power Grid"

Reliability based maintenance & trends in condition assessment

"Mr. Gunjan Agrawal,
PGCIL*( to be confirmed shortly)"

Site Repair and Refurbishment

Mr. Gautam Mazumdar,
Assistant General Manager-Transformer Service CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited

Restoration & overhauling case studies after major breakdowns

Mr. A J Chavda,
Superintending Engineer (Testing & Condition Monitoring)

Session Moderator

Mr. B P Soni

Panel Discussion:
One Nation- One Specification( Standardization of Specifications of Power Transformer & Reactors)

Mr. S.K. Ray Mohapatra
Chief Engineer, Central Electricity Authority

b) Mr. P Ramachandran
Sr. Consultant & Transformer Expert

c) Representative from PGCIL* –
Name to be confirmed shortly

Session Moderator

Mr. C Jayasenan
Chairman, Technical Committee

Who Should Attend

The conference will be of interest to the practicing Engineers from:

Central/State/Private/lPP Utilities, EPC companies, Transformer manufacturing companies, Manufacturers of equipment/instruments required for operation, condition monitoring, and diagnostics of transformers, Testing laboratories and STL members, Companies involved in repair, overhaul, refurbishment, and life extension activities, Research institutes and academic institutes, Companies involved in developing renewables energy to share their service experience of transformers in renewable energy parks.


Delegate Fee:

Category Fee per delegate for all the three days ( Exclusive of GST)
IEEMA Members Rs. 2000/-
Non-lEEMA Members Rs. 2500/-
PSU's/Utilities/Discoms/ Testing Agencies Rs. 1000/-
International Participants US$ 40
Students First 25 Registrations will be complementry, subsequently Rs.500/- delegate fees will be charged

Note:- Bulk discount shall be applicable for all the above categories as per the details given below:

1. 10% discount for five (OS) nominations from the same organization.

2. 15% discount for Six (06) or more nominations from the same organization.

3. 18% GST extra for all categories.

Sponsorship fees:

Category Sponsorship Fees (Exclusive of GST)
Platinum Rs. 1.5 Lakh
Diamond Rs. 1.0 Lakh
Gold Rs. 0.75 Lakh

Benifits: For detailed benifits please reachout to IEEMA Operations team or Organising Secretary.

Key Note Speakers & Topics

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Day-1: 5th November, 2020

Mr. S.K Ray Mohapatra

Chief Engineer - PSETD Division, Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

Topic: CEA standard specification of EHV transformer & Shunt reactor

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Day-2: 6th November, 2020

Mr. Shrikant B. Potnis

Chief Executive Officer, Easun MR Tap Changers Pvt. Ltd.

Topic: OLTC selections, failure modes, causes and prevention

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Day-3: 7th November, 2020

Mr. Stephen Heberer

Vice President System, Altanova Group

Topic: Theory of Partial discharge, methods for low PD by design, material and manufacturing processes in oil filled transformer and reactors, with latest trends in monitoring and diagnostics


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For more details, please contact.

For Delegate registration Mr. Rishabh Joshi
For sponsorship/branding opportunities Mrs. Pooja Tawte
For Sponsorship/ General Enquiries & More details of the conference: Mr. Uttam Kumar | Organising Secretary, e-TRAFOTECH Conference 2020


Organising Committee
1. Mr. Shouvik Bhattacharya, Chairman Siemens Ltd.
2. Mr. Neeraj Goyal, Vice Chairman Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd
3. Mr. Imteyaz Siddiqui ISA Advance Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
4. Mr. R. Prakash Easun-MR Tapchangers (Pvt) Ltd.
5. Mr. Gunjan Agrawal Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
6. Mr. Y V Joshi Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited
7. Mr. Rajib Chaudhary Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
8. Mr. Shashi Prasad Cargill India Pvt. Ltd.
9. Mr. Vinamra Agarwal Technical Associates Ltd.
10. Mr. Manoj Rai Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Limited
11. Mr. P K Patnaik Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited
12. Mr. Rajarshi Ghosh Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Limited
13. Mr. Sameer Gaikwad Doble Engineering Company
14. Mr. Sharat Chandra Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited
15. Mr. M Purushothaman Prolec GE
16. Mr. S K Ray Mohapatra Central Electricity Authority
17. Mr. Ruchir Mayank GE T&D India Ltd.
18. Mr. Keyur Shah Yash Highvoltage Insulators Pvt. Ltd.
19. Mr. Sanjay Vyas CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited
Technical Committee
1. Mr. C. Jayasenan, Chairman Siemens India Ltd.
2. Mr. Vikrant Joshi GE T&D India Ltd.
3. Mr. Anirudh S. Jhala Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd.
4. Mr. Maneesh Jain GE T&D India Ltd.
5. Mr. Nagarjuna Babu Nannapaneni Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited
6. Mr. Gautam Mazumder CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd.
7. Mr. S K Gupta Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
8. Mr. Tarun Garg ABB Power Products & Systems India Limited
Advisory Committee
1. Mr. P Ramachandran Sr. Consultant
2. Mr. Virendra Lakhaini Sr. Consultant
3. Mr. M Vijayakumaran Prime Meiden Limited
4. Mr. B N De Bhowmick Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
5. Mr. B P Soni Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited


Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association: IEEMA is the apex association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India. Founded in 1948, members contribute to more than 90% of the power equipment installed in India. The Indian electrical equipment industry size is of USD 42 billion with exports of USD 7.5 billion and the power equipment share in the capital good industry is about 50%. IEEMA plays a crucial policy advocacy role with government and its agencies. It works closely with standardisation bodies, R&D organisations and testing institutes for formulating Indian standards for developing energy efficient products. IEEMA evolves and operates equitable and uniform PVC Clause and due to its unbiased approach, IEEMA PVCs have gained recognition and credibility over last 3 decades. IEEMA holds product specific conferences, seminars and large exhibitions like ELECRAMA, distribuELEC, E3, virtual exhibition Digielec Bharat.

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